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I know you can get insulation which has a reflective surface, and then a foam core.Curtains and blinds are the normal way to do this but in extreme temperatures you need to take extreme actions.On a partly cloudy day the black foil collector reached about 150 degrees (during the sunny times) and on days where the sun was without a cloud in the sky, the foil reached 185 degrees.

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The primary source of heat buildup (i.e., gain) is sunlight absorbed by your house through the roof, walls, and windows.

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This is because the shiny side is more reflective and so will reflect more of the radiant heat than the duller side.I had two windshield sun reflectors from Dollar Tree I was going to use for my cars but in a bit of desperation to relieve the heat situation in cabin I used them to cover one of my windows.

Great Prices on Reflective Foil Insulation to Protect the RV Inside from Engine Heat.Map out your layout of foil for each window prior to making any cuts.Keep your house cooler by putting trash bags on sliding doors when it is hot and sunny outside.

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Awnings leave the heat outside Awnings reduce glare without affecting views too much, and they block up to 90% of solar heat gain on south-facing windows--before the heat can come through the window.Such films also reduce the amount of visible and ultraviolet.

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Good quality kitchen foil can be used instead of reflective foil yet it.RV Insulation Superstore - 92-1720 Great Prices on Reflective Foil Insulation to Protect the RV Inside from Engine Heat.Aluminum is highly reflective, which makes it effective in keeping out the radiant heat of the sun.

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Keep the heat out In addition to turning off the heat sources inside the house, Mauro says that prepping your house for hot days is key.So in my opinion and experience the foil on the inside stops the heat from the sun from coming in.Awnings also block direct ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can damage upholstery, and they protect the window assembly from the weather.By applying ordinary bubble-wrap packing material on your windows to keep the heat in, it is possible to cut down utility bills almost in half.Operable window coverings give you the flexibility to choose whether to keep your window coverings open or closed for privacy, and to maximize natural light, take advantage of heat from the sun in the winter, and reduce heat gain in the summer.Wrap aluminum foil on large cardboard squares that will cover your west and south facing windows.Place a sheet of foil over a loose self-stick vinyl tile, and press a hot iron over the foil until the adhesive backing melts and sticks to the subfloor.

This results in saving on heating and air conditioning cost, while creating a more comfortable indoor recommends an unusual way to keep your home warm: putting aluminum foil on the wall behind your radiators located under the windows.This way, the heat is reflected back into the room, and keeps the warmth of house.Along with light comes heat that, in warm weather, we often counter with energy-consuming air conditioning.I live in a trailer and have put black trashbags over my windows to keep the heat out of the trailer to try and lower my electric bill also.

This could mean up to a 50 percent decrease in heat loss through the glass of your window, but little to no reduction in heat loss through the window frame.Keep reading to learn about several affordable cold-weather window treatment options.Aluminium foil is widely used for radiation shield (barrier and reflectivity), heat exchangers (heat conduction) and cable liners (barrier and electrical conductivity).

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Keeping the blinds closed, especially in rooms that are exposed to direct sunlight, keeps the sun rays out.

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Installing heat reflective aluminum foil behind the radiator, particularly on the ones attached to external walls, prevents unnecessary heat loss from radiators.I also have 2 cats and a dog inside the trailer. is it safe to put black trash bags over my windows.Blinds and Shades: Blinds and shades resist the heat loss up to 4-5 times as honeycomb and pleated blinds are used inside the window frame.

Utilizing the heat coming from the radiator is the key to keep the house warm.I use those large black yard waste trash bags to block the sun and heat.We live in a west facing third floor condo so we get a ton of afternoon sun.This kind of photograph (Foil On Windows Elegant Shopo Triple Paper Dispenser Cling Wrap Aluminium Foil) above will be labelled together with: aluminum foil on oven bottom,foil effect on photoshop,foil faced rigid insulation,foil jokes,foil kites,foil on board,foil on boat,foil on cards,foil on knuckles,foil on vinyl,foil on windows,foil on windows keep heat out,foil on your feet,foil ribs on.Some tips reduce heat loss, others add heat to the home or keep the heat where you need it.

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